November 11, 2011

Everything is SOLVED .fullstop.

blogging is what you do when you really needs sumone to luah all your isi hati at times when everyone is sleeping.

after so long, finally we spoke with each other via facebook la, the easiest way maaa. And here comes the truth. Rupa-rupanya im the bad person between us. Because of me, he had been thru so much. Kamu!!!!! im so sorry and nothing much i can say to comfort you. But, glad to hear that kamu already have someone who you can believe and rely on more rather than me. see~ you did find someone who really love and care about you. May your happiness stay in HIS bless. 

Happy because im able to say what i really want to say to him after so long. What i felt and why i reacted that way. Thanks for heard out my explanation. Kamu such an understanding person, GLAD to be able to love you once and to be loved by you. Thanks for all the memories either good or bad. T__T (sedih!!!!)

p/s :: just realize today was a beautiful date. 11.11.2011 :)