May 26, 2011

congratulation people!!!!

and today
officially our results keluar
sgt gembira tgk sahabat2 handai lepas dgn jayanya
eventho' mine BAD.
this post is specially dedicated to you
cause u girls rock!!!!!
all of u made it to 3rd year.
pray for me also k.

last but not least,
i love u all!!!!!

x dilupakan juga 
budak2 paling happening = HTF
pd yang lepas TAHNIAH, dan yang senasib mcm aku
jom kita sama2 hadapinya dan jumpa mereka kat klang. ok (?)

"lets together we struggle till the end cz this is what we chose at the first place."

p/s :: sekali lagi aku kne supplement, and yet it looks like i never learnt from the past. hope this time i still can make it thru like last years. do pray for me peeps. :))


~atieput3~ said...

u can do it darling... org hebat akan sentiasa diuji. ;p

umi.farhana said...

insyaALLAH k.tina. luv u. :)

Aiman9099 said...

Kita senasib..

Anonymous said...
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umi.farhana said...

aiman9099 :: xpe, jom kte same2 usaha. insyaALLAH kalau rezeki tu milik kita. ade la. :)

amirah said...

umi..! you know i am not good in comforting people.. but i am always with you.. always!! saranghae <3

umi.farhana said...

amirah : i know. hee~ me too doesnt noe how to react. huhu. love u too. thanx cz always there for me.